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Try some of these OTHER PRODUCTS to make your life and business better.

These are additional tools and equipment that can enhance or support your Kangaroo Jumper, playground or recreation area.

Spider Web Playground Equipment


Kids learn to take risks while climbing, balancing, and engaging in open play. The Spider Webs’ custom designed mesh construction is a perfect focal point for any park or playground and compliments a Kangaroo Jumper.

All Spider Webs’ feature a unique synthetic rope which has a high breaking strength and is UV and abrasion resistant. It will not shrink or rot, and has a smooth surface. This means our Spider Webs are not only safe, but can last in your park or playground for years to come.

Kangaroo Jumper Shade Equipment


Provide a comfortably shaded area

Your customers expect a flawless, satisfying experience at your establishment. We know shade isn’t the first thing to come to mind when customers reflect on their experiences, but it sure is noticeable when proper, visually appealing shade is lacking or missing. Keep cognizant of your customers’ comfort and work with us on the optimal shade solution for your jumper or recreation space.

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Playground Blocks


Big Blue Blocks are an incredible play system for unlocking children’s creative spirit.

Big Blue Blocks Set:

Ask about different sized Block Sets for your playground, school, daycare, church, or community center. See sample kit pieces below. 


Extend the life of the Kangaroo Jumper and protect your investment. Quality Ground Covers are produced with UV protected, durable polypropylene material. These ground covers are made to resist mold and mildew by allowing air to flow thru the material while blocking sun and environmental contaminates (rain, sleet & snow) that can deteriorate a Kangaroo Jumper in the off-season. Double stitched edges with full tacking on grommets, withstand strong pulling without unraveling. Custom sizes produced to fit all sizes of Kangaroo Jumpers.

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Inflatable Pillow Restorer –

Restores the fabric of your Kangaroo Jumper inflatable pillows. Helps pillows damaged by sun, pollution, dirt, grime, scuffs marks, lack of proper maintenance.

Eco Friendly: Biodegradable

Kangaroo Jumping Pillow UV Protectant


Inflatable Pillow UV Protector –

Use on your Kangaroo Jumper inflatable pillows. Protects against deterioration from UV, pollution, suntan lotion, bird droppings, dirt & grime.

Eco Friendly: Water-based

1 US G / 4000 ft²
3.8 L / 370 m²

One Coat

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Kangaroo Jumper Repair Kit


Kit Includes:

  1. Handy Carrying/Storage Case
  2. EcoHeat Hot Air Gun
  3. Vinyl Repair Instructions
  4. Scissors
  5. Rubber Coated Roller

Not Shown: 118” x 40” roll of 28 ounce, PVC coated repair vinyl. Color matched to your Kangaroo Jumper.


  • Save Repair Costs
  • Save Repair Time
  • Save Jumper Downtime

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