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Campground Jumpers - jumping pillow
From quick overnight camping grounds to extended stay resort destinations, campgrounds all strive to make kids happy. Adding an air pillow helps.
Agritourism Jumpers - jump pad
From a corn maze to hay rides, every farm wants to keep the little ones occupied, safe and having a great time. A jumper is a great addition to the farm.
Get your Day Camp jumping pillow today!
Day Camps
Give children another reason to want to spend all summer visiting your camp. Day Camps may want an indoor jumper and/or a outside bounce pillow.
Kangaroo Jumper indoor jumper or outdoor jump pads.
Indoor / Outdoor
Jumpers can now be installed Indoor for year-round use or Outdoors on concrete pads. Kangaroo Jumper is flexible and we can offer both indoor jumpers and outdoor jumpers.
A Few Customer Testimonials

These are just a few of our happy customer’s testimonials. To view more and the star ratings from these and other customers, check out our Kangaroo Jumper Testimonials Page.

Some Common Questions Asked
About Air Pillows

How does the air pillow work? Nothing fancy here. The Kangaroo Jumper jumping pad is just a safe piece of playground equipment for jumping. It can be used indoors or outdoors depending upon the type of business installing a bounce pillow.

How long do bounce pillows last? This is a difficult answer because there are so many different conditions influencing the service life of the product. What we can pass along based on 16+ years of experience that most Kangaroo Jumper air pillows last between 5 – 10 years.

What is an air pillow made out of? The Kangaroo Jumper is made out of PVC vinyl.

Are bounce pillows safe? Yes, the design and installation method combine to make the Kangaroo Jumper a fun and safe addition to any playground. The owner of the Jumper does have the responsibility to make certain it remains properly inflated and that the sand barrier is maintained at the predetermined levels. Additionally, see the FAQs page for additional safety recommendations.

Here is how a Kangaroo Jumper is installed

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Adding a Kangaroo Jumper helps make playgrounds even more fun!

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