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This is a difficult answer because there are so many different conditions influencing the
service life of the product. What we can pass along based on 16 years of experience that
most Kangaroo Jumpers last between 5 – 10 years. Certainly there are customers that have
experienced a longer service life but we always try to be honest and conservative.

Yes, the design and installation method combine to make the Kangaroo Jumper a fun and safe addition to any playground. The owner of the Jumper does have the responsibility to make certain it remains properly inflated and that the sand barrier is maintained at the predetermined levels. Additionally, see FAQs #3, 4 & 5 (below) for additional safety recommendations.

Yes, installing a fence around your Kangaroo Jumper is beneficial if you are in an area where wild animals and especially bear are likely to walk across it. Sharp claws and teeth may cause punctures. Suitable fence structures have also been added in order to keep undesirables out during closure times.

It is recommended that activity on the Kangaroo Jumper be supervised by at least one operator at all times.

Teenage enthusiasm and adult bravado are ever present in our society. Although the risk of injury is very low, having teenagers or adults on a Jumper when children or toddlers are present creates an opportunity for injury to the smaller participants. It is the recommendation of Kangaroo Jumper Inc. that an area on the surface of the Jumper be defined for use by toddlers and parents helping their toddlers.


This defined area can easily be marked with the use of masking tape. Signage should alert patrons about the defined area. Once you are comfortable with the size of the defined area then permanently marking the defined area with PVC paint is an option. An alternative to defining areas is to define times that different ages can use the Kangaroo Jumper. This method is in use at some locations and has proven successful.

Yes, depending on the size of the jumper there is a recommended maximum number of participants based on height. Please see the General Safety Rules in your Owner’s Manual for details

Anything exposed to the sun will heat up and on very hot days the Kangaroo Jumper surface can become uncomfortably hot, particularly in our southern climates. There are several ways to overcome this problem; here are two popular solutions: 1.) If you have a general store on property, sell custom branded socks for use on hot days (and this option generates another revenue stream) and 2.) ask your Kangaroo Jumper sales professional about our options to add a custom shade structure over the Jumper.

Yes, when the Kangaroo Jumper is exposed to the sun for long enough it will fade and eventually break down the composition of the material. It makes sense to cover your Kangaroo Jumper when it is not in use rather than leave it out in the sun to deteriorate. Every day the Kangaroo Jumper is covered, the life is extended. Shading is the ultimate answer and will extend the life of your Kangaroo Jumper immeasurably. Talk to a Kangaroo Jumper sales professional about investing in a Ground Cover produced specifically to protect our product.

Cleaning your Jumper is a great way to maintain the optimal appearance of the Jumper and it helps extend the life, as well. Many water-based cleaners will work but we recommend a product designed specifically for this type of application; Speed Clean/Restorer as it is proved to be safe for the material and does and excellent, fast job of cleaning and restoring the appearance of the Jumper.

Visit our Other Products page for more details on the Speed Clean/Restorer product.

Yes, Kangaroo Jumper has developed a specific installation method for indoor applications. Contact a Kangaroo Jumper sales professional for details and a quote.

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