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About Kangaroo Jumper

Kangaroo Jumper, Inc - jumping pillow, bounce pillow - about Kangaroo Jumper product comparison - Kangaroo Jumper Maintenance Questions - Kangaroo Jumper Sand Vs No Sand Installation What makes Kangaroo Jumper different?

Welcome to Kangaroo Jumper, the company that introduced the inflatable jumping pillow to the US market over 15 years ago. 



Although under new ownership and management since 2019, we have been manufacturing the product since its introduction to the US market, producing over 1200 jumpers under various company names. That experience inspired us to acquire the business and add our sales, marketing and service benefits to the well-established and popular product.



Through our many years of experience manufacturing PVC based products we have added new and exciting benefits to the Kangaroo Jumper jumping pads. 



Although the product may appear simple at first glance there have been a series of technological innovations added over the years. Proudly manufactured in Texas, those innovations include;

All About Kangaroo Jumper -
and the Jumping Pillow Innovation Timeline

New Manufacturing Procedures
…to enhance the welded seams, providing additional strength and durability.
Introduction of the Elite Jumping Pad Product
Introduction of a new fabric, produced specifically for Kangaroo Jumper, called Elite. This new product innovation introduced the industry’s first high UV resistant material that not only prolongs the life of the Jumper but keeps the colors bright, significantly reducing normal fading.
No Sand Jumping Pad Option Now Available
No Sand Option where jumpers can be installed indoors or outdoors with gymnastic quality carpeted foam padding around the exterior for a cleaner and safer jumping experience.
Acquired & Put Under New Management
Kangaroo Jumper was acquired and formed a new management team led by General Manager Courtney Childress.
Antimicrobial Coating Added to the Jumping Pillow PVC Material
Doing our part to keep our customers as safe as possible, we created the first anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial coating, infused into the surface of the jumpers during fabric manufacturing for long term protection.
Elite FR Product Added
The newest innovation is the addition of a third material to our product line; Elite FR. This material if fully REACH compliant and has been tested and passed the following fire standards; NFPA 701, NF P 92-507 class M2 & California Fire Marshal Title 19 – Section 1237.

About Kangaroo Jumper’s Promise



Our promise to current and future customers is to continue to invest time and resources to create new innovations that will make our products stronger, more durable, better looking and safer.

Kangaroo Jumpers are truly
“Built Stronger to Last Longer”

About Kangaroo Jumper's Team

Welcome to the new Kangaroo Jumper Team lead by…

Courtney Childress General Manager of Kangaroo Jumper

Courtney Childress

General Manager

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Courtney Childress, the General Manager at Kangaroo Jumper. Along with my excitement to be part of this team, I bring over 10 years of experience in customer service and sales. I am a native Texan, GO COWBOYS! I enjoy all outdoor activities and sports. My weekends are never boring as I have three wonderful children, Brysen, Mason and Cali along with a dog named Gizmo. As you get to know me you will discover that I am friendly, outgoing and eager to share my passion for customer satisfaction. I look forward to getting to know and help you!


Want to learn more about Kangaroo Jumper? Just reach out and I’ll get you the answers you are looking for.

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