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Kangaroo Jumper Maintenance Questions


If the jumper fails to inflate, please check for:

  • Obstructions on top of the air vent like small limbs, sand, water, etc.
  • Power supply to the electric blower
  • Water in the air pipe – it is rare, but possible to flood the air pipe, especially after a heavy rain. When the ground cannot absorb the water fast enough, it is possible for the water to rise under the PVC material, pour into the air vent and flood the air pipe. It can be cleared by sucking the water out or by blowing it out with a garden (leaf) blower.

If a jumper is losing bounce or is becoming noticeably softer, check for:

  • Air pipe/vent obstructions
  • Correct sand level around the pillow
  • Hole(s) in the canvas
  • Blower operation
  • Motor voltage – if it falls below 110V the motor will slow down (loss of rpm / decrease in air volume). Please note that jumper bounce can and will vary from installation to installation. It depends on the soil, size of the pillow, air temperature and length of the air pipe. In general, if jumping is possible, the product is fine.

Yes, contact your Kangaroo Jumper sales professional and we can provide the details on acquiring replacement signs for both Jumper Rules & Safety Suggestions.

Yes, it is possible to repair small holes or cuts in most Jumpers. Call your Kangaroo Jumper sales professional for a Repair Kit and complete instructions.

Although the Jumper can operate when raining it is highly recommended to close the operation for safety reasons. When raining the surface of the Jumper will become much more slippery which can cause safety concerns!

Maintaining a correct level of sand (soft landing area) around a Kangaroo Jumper is extremely important. It is important for:

  • Safety reasons – hard edges (edges of the installation trench) should never be
  • Jumper operation – not enough sand (weight) in the trench, can cause a pillow to lift more than normal, especially in the weeks after installation
  • It may also cause air loss while inflated

The sand must be maintained at all times at a minimum depth of 8”. In other words, the sand must always be 8” above the pillows edge. It is ok to use more than 8”. In fact, using more than 8” can help minimize the maintenance intervals.

Always a good health and maintenance practice this is especially important where the Jumper is used for infants as it should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. This can be carried out with a mop and bucket – use hot water and a liquid disinfectant mix.

Contact Kangaroo Jumper Inc. for more detailed instructions.

No, the Blower/Motor unit is designed for outdoor use and is maintenance free.

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