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What’s a jumping pillow & is it mandatory for playgrounds?

When it comes to outdoor recreational activities and playgrounds, children’s laughter and joyous energy fill the air. Traditional swings, slides, and climbing structures have always been playground staples, but a new addition has gained popularity in recent years—the Kangaroo Jumper brand of jumping pillow. Also known as an air pillow, this vinyl PVC inflatable playground feature has become common at campgrounds, RV parks, agritourism sites, and various family-oriented establishments. In this article, we will explore what a Kangaroo Jumper jumping pillow is, its benefits, and whether it is mandatory for playgrounds.

Understanding the jumping pillow

YMCA Camp Abe Lincoln

A Kangaroo Jumper, often referred to as a jumping pillow or an air pillow, is a large inflatable play surface made from durable vinyl PVC materials. Resembling a massive cushion, it is inflated with air to create a bouncy surface suitable for people of different ages and physical abilities to jump and play on, as they offer an inclusive play experience. Unlike traditional trampolines, a jumping pillow or air pillow lack springs, making them a safer alternative while providing an exhilarating bouncing experience.

Benefits of a Kangaroo Jumper

1. Safe and Inclusive Fun:

Jumpers are designed with safety in mind. The absence of springs reduces the risk of accidents and injuries associated with traditional trampolines. Additionally, these inflatable structures offer an inclusive experience, accommodating children of various ages, sizes, and physical abilities.

2. Physical Exercise:

In an era when digital distractions often dominate children’s leisure time, the jumping pillow provides an excellent opportunity for physical activity. Bouncing on the pillow helps improve balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health. It encourages children to engage in active play and burn off excess energy.

3. Social Interaction:

Jumpers act as a social hub, attracting children from different backgrounds to come together and play. The communal nature of this play surface fosters cooperation, communication, and the development of social skills. Children learn to take turns, share space, and interact with their peers, enhancing their overall social development.

4. Parental Convenience:

Many establishments, such as campgrounds, wineries, breweries, and restaurants, have recognized the benefits of incorporating jumpers or jumping pillows into their venues. By providing a dedicated play area for children, parents can enjoy some free time to socialize, relax, or have adult conversations without constant interruptions. This feature is especially appreciated by parents seeking family-friendly entertainment options.

air pillow at a resort playground

Utilization in different settings

Jumping pillows are not limited to traditional playgrounds. They have found their place in various establishments catering to families and children.

1. Campgrounds and Agritourism Sites

Many campgrounds and agritourism sites feature jumpers, jumping pillows, or air pillows as a major attraction. These outdoor venues offer families an opportunity to engage in recreational activities, and the jumper adds an element of adventure and excitement to their experience.

2. Wineries, Breweries, and Restaurants

To accommodate families with children, wineries, breweries, and restaurants have warmly embraced the notion of jumpers or air pillows. By offering a secure and entertaining setting for kids, these establishments enable parents to enjoy their time while ensuring their children remain entertained and occupied.

The optional nature of jumping pillows

Jumpers, or air pillows, a relatively modern inclusion in playgrounds, are commonly spotted in larger or specialized play areas. While they are a popular and entertaining attraction for children of all ages, their inclusion in a playground is entirely a matter of choice and not mandatory.

Despite their optional nature, jumpers can be a great addition to a playground in several scenarios:

1. Active and energetic play:

Jumping pillows provide a fun and active play experience that encourages children to engage in physical activity. They offer a unique and bouncy surface that allows children to jump, bounce, and explore different movements, promoting gross motor skills development.

2. All-age inclusive play:

Jumping pillows can accommodate children of different ages, from toddlers to older kids. Unlike some play structures that may have age restrictions, jumpers or jumping pillows can be enjoyed by a wide range of children, making them inclusive and versatile for multi-age play.

3. Group play and social interaction:

Jumping pillows often have a large surface area, allowing multiple children to jump and play together. This promotes social interaction, cooperative play, and group activities. Children can take turns, engage in games, or simply have fun together, fostering social skills and friendships.

4. Novel and thrilling experience:

Air pillows provide a unique play element that may not be commonly found in all playgrounds. They can attract children’s attention and curiosity, offering a thrilling experience that adds excitement to the play area. The novelty factor can make the playground more appealing and enjoyable for children.

5. Safe and soft landing surface:

Jumpers or jumping pillows are made of inflatable materials that provide a soft landing surface. This can reduce the risk of injuries from falls and provide a safer play environment. However, it’s important to ensure proper installation, regular maintenance, and adherence to safety guidelines to maximize safety.

Ultimately, the decision to include a Kangaroo Jumper in a playground depends on the specific goals, preferences, and available resources of the playground designer or owner. It’s important to note that while jumpers, jumping pillows, and air pillows are not mandatory, they can significantly enhance a playground’s appeal and provide added value to businesses targeting family-oriented audiences. The presence of a jumper can set an establishment apart from competitors, making it an attractive destination for families seeking an enjoyable and inclusive experience.

What makes a Kangaroo Jumper (jumping or air pillow) so different?

A jumping or air pillow was already a good idea. At Kangaroo Jumper, we’ve taken it to the next level. 

Here are just a few of the ways a Kangaroo Jumper jumping pillow are the best around: 

  • 3 PVC material choices to meet any environment or regulation
  • 6 installation methods to accommodate any soil condition or indoor installation
  • Weekly maintenance of less than ten minutes, lasts 5-10 years
  • Engineering certification approved in 48 states for maximum safety and durability standards


The introduction of a Kangaroo Jumper, to playgrounds and family-friendly establishments has injected a new level of excitement and fun into outdoor recreation. These large, inflatable play surfaces offer safe and inclusive entertainment for children of all ages and physical abilities. While not mandatory, they undoubtedly add value to playgrounds and businesses targeting family-oriented clientele. So, the next time you visit a playground or family-friendly venue, keep an eye out for the inviting bounce of a Kangaroo Jumper, and allow your children to embark on a joyous adventure of laughter and active play.

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